Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Lesson in Undressin! The Art of the Tease


BURLESQUE - The Art of the Tease.

Lessons start Wednesday, January 19, and every two weeks after - come and find your inner sensual Lady. Burlesque is more about what you leave on and less about what you take off. We will teach you how to tease, how to become more confident and how to use your body.

It's an art for every size, every shape and every lady to learn. A lesson in undressin, starts at 8:00 SHARP! Recommend a tight black top and shorts or skirts with fishnet hose - don't forget your heels! Feather Boa's are Optional!

Ladies, lots of free drinks and lots of new confidence. In two weeks we will do another class in Sensual Dance - and teach you all about Sex Appeal. Come, learn, then practice your new arts on the totally unsuspecting men in your life. ENJOY YOUR SELF!