Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The start of Icebar Orlando was a fascination for the Florida and California natives with the land of ice and snow. Our partner, Wylie is back in Antarctica for another round of chilling adventures. Here are some of his photos, and the link above takes you to the webcam of the US Government research facility Palmer Station, manned in the summer by scientists and interns to study the area.

A view of the ship in the background, getting ashore is by zodiac, and sitting on the side in the water is COLD!

Rockhopper penguin and her baby, or it could be His baby, they take turns getting food and keeping the chick warm.

They are little guys, but the do eat a LOT of fish, and they smell, well, pretty fishy.

This is south of where our adopted penguin lives, Ice Ice Baby is a couple of hundred miles north of this location.

Inside the arctic circle it is the most hostile environment on earth, the weather changes very quickly. This looks lovely, but yesterday it was 60 mph winds and chill factor in the minus degrees.
Take care Wylie, we have a cold one waiting in sunny (relatively speaking) Florida.