Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wylie spots bears!

This just in from our traveling partner. Words by Richard Barna, great friend and intrepid traveler, and photos by Wylie Plummer, partner extrordinairre. The Ice Queen is dripping with envy at their great views of all the bears and wildlife in Alaska, and Russia.

The only humans on the Russia's Wrangel Island of for 30 years have been 4 scientists and 3 rangers studying the bear, walrus, arctic foxes and birds unique to the island. With all these scientists on board our ship, Vladimir Putin’s permission and exceptionally good weather, we set off in our zodiac boats on a bear photo hunt. Dr. Nitika Ovsanikov is the island’s chief scientist and world renowned polar bear expert, having lived with his family on Wrangel Island for many years. His English is excellent except for an endearingly off kilter pronunciation of his favorite subject – “beers”. We were certainly impressed with all the "beers", birds and walruses on Wrangel Island. Watching them in their native habitats helped us understand their primordial struggle for daily existence. As the winter ice recedes each spring, the bears can choose to float north with the ice, or stay on the ice free land. Seems to work out for them either way. Having seen our fill of the land based bears, we are headed north to hunt for bears at the edge of the Arctic Ice Shelf. Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Hello Chillers - Icebar Orlando has it's first wedding booked in what will be (for the day)the Ice Chapel! We are very excited and will document the wedding for your reading pleasure as it unfolds. A very cool way to get married, and a Hot reception in the Fire Lounge will follow. Thanks to DeShay, our Sales Coordinator and Wedding Planner Extraordinaire for putting together a fabulous wedding package..

Fire and Ice

Weddings and Receptions

Feel like an Ice Princess for a day and his Ice Queen for the rest of your life.

Imagine your special day frozen in time.

Ceremony inside ICEBAR “Coolest Wedding Ever”

(Up to 75 people including Bride, Groom and Officiant can attend the ceremony)

ICEBAR Orlando is the largest permanent bar made of ice in the USA. Conveniently located to Interstate 4, Florida’s Turnpike and SR 528 (Beachline), ICEBAR Orlando features a chance to step into a magical world of ice designed and created by world class ice carvers using over 50 tons of ice. The interior walls, bars, tables, seating, fire place, and even the drink glasses are made entirely from ice.

Reception in the FIRE Lounge

(Up to 475 Guests)

You and your guests will enjoy the ultra-hip FIRE LOUNGE,

providing an inviting climate controlled, themed atmosphere

that can be customized with your dreams in mind.

DeShay can help you with amazing decorations, flowers, frozen treats,and wonderful foods to enhance the day. Call her at 407-426-7555. We also do a Luxury Proposal Package that includes a mink coat,white limo,and personalized ice pillow to present the "ice" ring to your prospective bride..... Give her 50 tons of ice, not just one!

Friday, August 14, 2009


Aaron Costic, the amazing and talented Ice Carving wizard of Icebar Orlando rides the bear.

Holding the bear down is Bill Whidden of Ice Magic, wall builder and ice glass producer.

Nineteen years ago, Aaron Costic, picked up a chainsaw and sculpted his first block of ice. This was enough to catch his heart and dreams. Ice has been in his veins ever since.
You can see Aaron's website at w He does the most fantastic creations and was exciting to work with.
Aaron is in the process of updating our Ice bar with a new theme, "Animals of the Cold". In the first Icebar creation, we gave Aaron the designs and he translated them into our current stunning display.
I particularly liked his interpretation of our dream, he did a series of three intricate carvings, the first portrayed the seeds of icebar growing and developing. The second carving shows the idea fully developed right before being "born" and the final shows the release and fully developed experience exploding into reality. This is truly art. Here is another example of the fantastic and intricate carvings that Aaron crafts from the chilly blocks of ice. We are going to have some fun with animals and will keep you posted on the schedule. Might offer some views of the carving. If you are interested, please leave a note below and we'll send an invite.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


This month we are designing the new sculptures and theme for Icebar Orlando. Aaron Costic, our amazing sculptor will be available the second week of September to do 4 days of carving and installation. We are tentatively working on the ANIMALS OF THE COLD as the new theme. We have plans for a replacement polar bear, standing up this time, and some Eskimo's with no faces so you can put yours in for a photo, like this: There are also Narwhales, Penguins, Arctic Fox and Hare, Snowy Owl, Seals of all kinds, and the leopard is my personal favorite (see post below), there are also orca whales, albatross and a lot of other kinds of creatures. What is your favorite? Let us know what you think (other than you think I draw funny!)

We are also offering our liquor partners the opportunity to participate in branding of our sculptures and the new bar. I created a power point presentation, and in doing the research am totally in awe of how many people atually visit our website, see us on television and read about us in blogs and articles. We have, this month, two new videos, one on nbc's Travelscoot and another on an English travel site. We also taped a segment for a new website being developed called The Information Network. We will be taping for ION tv a program called Southern Bike Nights which will feature us in a bike-friendly look at Orlando. We continue to get weekly requests for photos and information and interviews.
The result?? BUSINESS IS GOOD!!!!
For that, we thank our guests, and our great Icebar team.

Thursday, August 6, 2009



Icebar Orlando is proud to be a partner of Jade Events, who produce a monthly party on the 3rd Saturday of each month. . They do a "grown up" party and have a great following. In July, Ernest Wilson's birthday, and also birthdays of DJ Saxwell and Sophia Jones were cause for a great celebration. We have had White Parties, Black Parties, Anniversary Soire's and great and exciting events each month
The month of August the team is giving back to the community in the greatest party for back to school ever! It will be on Friday, AUGUST 15th.

Lined up for the evening are celebrities The Honorable Tiffany Moore-Russel, and Eryka Washington. The guest of honor is Ozzie Smith who is leaving to attend Harvard University. Ozzie is the creator of Orlando Professionals and we want to send him off in style.

The back to school drive asks all guests to bring a new school supply to assist the teachers and students of Central Florida. Everyone bringing supplies will receive deep discounts on entry and drinks.

Doors open at 9 pm, come, celebrate Central Florida education and bring supplies to keep our children at the head of the class.