Friday, August 14, 2009


Aaron Costic, the amazing and talented Ice Carving wizard of Icebar Orlando rides the bear.

Holding the bear down is Bill Whidden of Ice Magic, wall builder and ice glass producer.

Nineteen years ago, Aaron Costic, picked up a chainsaw and sculpted his first block of ice. This was enough to catch his heart and dreams. Ice has been in his veins ever since.
You can see Aaron's website at w He does the most fantastic creations and was exciting to work with.
Aaron is in the process of updating our Ice bar with a new theme, "Animals of the Cold". In the first Icebar creation, we gave Aaron the designs and he translated them into our current stunning display.
I particularly liked his interpretation of our dream, he did a series of three intricate carvings, the first portrayed the seeds of icebar growing and developing. The second carving shows the idea fully developed right before being "born" and the final shows the release and fully developed experience exploding into reality. This is truly art. Here is another example of the fantastic and intricate carvings that Aaron crafts from the chilly blocks of ice. We are going to have some fun with animals and will keep you posted on the schedule. Might offer some views of the carving. If you are interested, please leave a note below and we'll send an invite.

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