Wednesday, November 25, 2009


DECEMBER 12, 2009 CHILL OUT OFFICE PARTY to benefit Cell Phones for Soldiers

Announcing the COOLEST Office party! Icebar Orlando has been designated as a drop off point for the Cell phones for Soldiers Holiday drive. We are offering small offices and individuals a FREE entry into our ICEBAR with a chilly drink in exchange for a used cellphone. These phones are turned into prepaid calling cards sent to soldiers who cannot make it home for the holidays to call and talk to their families. This is a great cause and we are proud to be part of the giving. Icebar Orlando invites all small offices that cannot hire a great hall or party place to join other small offices on December 12th to celebrate in style. Bring a cellphone and 10 guests and get our Freeze for Free package, one free for every paid entry.

Support the Military who are not with their families this holiday season. Drop off cellphones any day, or come on December 12th and celebrate with us.

Food, live music, fun and frolic watch our fire breathing bartenders do their juggling act. Enjoy our dance floor and see the brand new ice sculptures.

Help us help the soldiers and get great discounts at ICEBAR!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009


Aaron Costic of International Ice Carving fame, finished a new bear for us yesterday. This is what we have been waiting for!!! It is a 6'5" standing Polar Bear with one paw up, and already has instant success with Icebar Guests. We have moved and updated all the sculptures and added a new shelf for displaying some of the new an amazing vodkas we are featuring. The bear was made from 8 blocks of ice, frozen together starting out at 2,400 pounds! After the carving, I think he probably weighs close to a ton. This is a BIG FELLA.

Aaron started by stacking the blocks and we will get the video up so you can see how it was done. Really fun to watch him work. We also had a film crew from the International Drive Travel website come and take some movie shots. That should be great publicity for us and for Aaron. I am considering going to take a class in carving from Aaron's studio in Cleveland, but have to wait until it is not so darn cold!!!

I am a Florida native, and really don't like much snow... so why am I operating an icebar? Good question! It's FUN, people SMILE when they see it, and it makes me Feel GOOD! Besides, I get to taste test all the new recipes, like the one below.

Along with Diamond Standard Vodka, we have just tasted the 4 Orange Vodka made from Florida Oranges! This is, I believe, the first vodka distilled from Oranges. After the oranges are squeezed for juice the skins and pulp are made into molasses which is distilled to make the great tasting and quite aromatic vodka. We are trying a new drink with our ice glass that has a sugar rim! Then the orange vodka and a splash of fresh limeaid for an "Florida Orange Freeze". YUM YUM.

Here's the bear -and we are designing another bar to be installed in the future! Let us know what you like, and any suggestions.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Oh, Yeah, it's Florida Classic Weekend November 19 - 21. Icebar has secured some great hosts and sponsors to make every night a great memory.
Thursday, the Motown Mixer with all alumni invited, sponsored by Zeta Phi Beta and Phi Beta Sigma will have a bus running from the Rosen Center to the Icebar starting at 9:00. Friday, the Motown Mash up with DJ David Z and DJ Cize spinning Dance tunes all night. Come and hear your favorite tunes. Saturday!
MOTOWN CLASSIC PARTY - Sponsored by Hennessy Cognac - FREE bottle with every VIP purchase. This is IT! Best party in town, this is the place to show off your wheels and your heels.
Free parking, Free entry for ladies before 11, 2-4-1 Premium for gents, specials all night.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


We are now featuring Diamond Vodka in the icebar and in our VIP packages. If you have not tasted this marvelous brew that is filtered through DeBeers diamonds you must come. We have absolutely the best prices around, and they are a sponsor of Icebar. It is GREAT STUFF! We have a special martini made with white grape juice that will chill you out!

“Our Diamond Filtered patented process is an industry first. We utilize over six hundred cut diamonds of up to one carat in size to purify our vodka. Our innovative process creates vodka with the silkiest and most subtle of palettes and is simply the most exquisite mass market vodka available anywhere. Our filtration system took over three years to perfect. Its yield is 750 carats of liquid elegance since each and every drop has been individually Kissed by Diamonds.”