Thursday, November 12, 2009


We are now featuring Diamond Vodka in the icebar and in our VIP packages. If you have not tasted this marvelous brew that is filtered through DeBeers diamonds you must come. We have absolutely the best prices around, and they are a sponsor of Icebar. It is GREAT STUFF! We have a special martini made with white grape juice that will chill you out!

“Our Diamond Filtered patented process is an industry first. We utilize over six hundred cut diamonds of up to one carat in size to purify our vodka. Our innovative process creates vodka with the silkiest and most subtle of palettes and is simply the most exquisite mass market vodka available anywhere. Our filtration system took over three years to perfect. Its yield is 750 carats of liquid elegance since each and every drop has been individually Kissed by Diamonds.”

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