Tuesday, November 1, 2011



And here is our SCARY staff.  It was an EPIC party.

Click the link to see our Halloween Animoto Video. It was a BLOODY RUSSIAN Night on Friday
Stay tuned for HOWL-O-FREEZE photos

Enjoy and BOOOOOO

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Icebar Orlando cuts the heat off

Icebar Orlando cuts the heat off


Icebar Orlando was sculptured in 2008 by Aaron Costic, world class ice carver with the help of local company Ice Magic.  The design and construction were by Patz Turner, AKA Ice Queen.

After three years, and over 125,000 visitors, the ice has taken a licking (literally) and was ready for a renewall.
Enter our new carvers  ICE PRO from Parrish Florida.  Thanks to Laz for being persistent and showing us the way to the best for us.  Joe Rimer and his crew has built us an amazing bar built on our next expedition.

Come see the results - still in progress, and photos to follow!

Friday, February 25, 2011


Icebar Orlando is proud to have provided corporate events for the best in the business companies attending the HIMSS convention this month.
WWT - World Wide Technology was an amazing event with all the stops pulled out for their guests and sponsors from an array of providers.

We are tired, and going to rest our feet for a couple of days!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TripAdvisor Promotes Blackmail

The new social media is a boon for a lot of companies. It also brings out some of the worst in a few customers. It also allows posting sites to promote blackmail and allow postings that are clearly untrue. I think they should be shut down.

A new and very disturbing practice is for a customer to say:
If you don't do this for me, I am going to post a bad review and make you sorry.

First Case: Customer purchased discount ticket from offsite ticket booth, made reservation and then did not show up. Came the next day when there was a private event, dressed in tattered jeans and t shirts. The even was a semi-formal cocktail party for a corporation. We did not let them in with the corporate clients, and they stood in the middle of the door shouting that they should be let in to have the same food and free drinks because they would write a bad review. We have 6 witnesses. They wrote a bad review, the only one they have ever posted, and did not even put their name or legit email address. TripAdvisor refused to remove it, even though we sent proof that the customer got a refund from the ticket seller, and explained our policy which is clearly written on the ticket, copied the ticket, too.

Second Case: Customer bought lowest price package for New Years Eve, then wanted to be allowed to enter with the VIP group who paid $100 each MORE into the Icebar at midnight, saying their cell phone was there, and the whole group needed to go find it. We told them the phone was at the reception, and have video showing them picking it up there. They threatened bad review if we did not refund their entire NYE tickets (they stayed 3 hours more and had open bar and all the food they could stack on plates ). This was a week later. We refused, and showed the threatening email and offered the video as proof. Trip Advisor states:
We have looked at the review in question and determined that it does meet TripAdvisor's listing criteria. Therefore, it will not be removed

So I asked for my business page to be removed. I am not in the process of filing a suit to have all of our logos and photos removed from this site, we don't support blackmail, and this is a site that should be shunned by those wanting realistic reviews.

We're not perfect, but we are not what these blackmailers have said. Lies and defamatory emails don't help, and TripAdvisor gets a BIG BLACK EYE from Icebar Orlando.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Lesson in Undressin! The Art of the Tease


BURLESQUE - The Art of the Tease.

Lessons start Wednesday, January 19, and every two weeks after - come and find your inner sensual Lady. Burlesque is more about what you leave on and less about what you take off. We will teach you how to tease, how to become more confident and how to use your body.

It's an art for every size, every shape and every lady to learn. A lesson in undressin, starts at 8:00 SHARP! Recommend a tight black top and shorts or skirts with fishnet hose - don't forget your heels! Feather Boa's are Optional!

Ladies, lots of free drinks and lots of new confidence. In two weeks we will do another class in Sensual Dance - and teach you all about Sex Appeal. Come, learn, then practice your new arts on the totally unsuspecting men in your life. ENJOY YOUR SELF!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010



The start of Icebar Orlando was a fascination for the Florida and California natives with the land of ice and snow. Our partner, Wylie is back in Antarctica for another round of chilling adventures. Here are some of his photos, and the link above takes you to the webcam of the US Government research facility Palmer Station, manned in the summer by scientists and interns to study the area.

A view of the ship in the background, getting ashore is by zodiac, and sitting on the side in the water is COLD!

Rockhopper penguin and her baby, or it could be His baby, they take turns getting food and keeping the chick warm.

They are little guys, but the do eat a LOT of fish, and they smell, well, pretty fishy.

This is south of where our adopted penguin lives, Ice Ice Baby is a couple of hundred miles north of this location.

Inside the arctic circle it is the most hostile environment on earth, the weather changes very quickly. This looks lovely, but yesterday it was 60 mph winds and chill factor in the minus degrees.
Take care Wylie, we have a cold one waiting in sunny (relatively speaking) Florida.