Saturday, November 27, 2010


It's a pretty good translation, but this is from the Italian Skyscanner Magazine talking about the best in the world! Icebar Orlando is proud to be with this group of great ice bars.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

These days with snow in some Italian cities are a clear sign that winter is coming, and it freezes. Now why do not identify with a polar climate, and perhaps enjoy a few cocktails? Skyscanner investigates the festive side of the ice.


It is called Absolut Icebar and is a place where ice and design are the masters. Built with pure ice from the Torne River, the concept of playing the local aquatic environment, offering visitors a thrilling (in all senses) in an enigmatic submarine environment. People are always fascinated by water in all its forms, that perception has inspired sculptors dell'Absolut, but not limited to bartenders and waiters also have a dress code that invokes the theme of the underwater world.


Ice Club - RomaAnche the capital of Italy has his own restaurant and the ice is called Ice Club Designed by a team of artists as well as sculptors came from England, the place is completely frozen from walls, chairs, sofas and bar . The temperature is fixed at 5 ° below zero and the atmosphere is magic, enhanced by light, its fur and seating that makes the room welcoming and comfortable ... If well covered! The Ice pub is located in Rome at Via della Madonna dei Monti, close to the magnificent Colosseum. Virtually all the airlines go through Heathrow, starting from cheaper, why not take advantage?


The City could not be outdone, in fact, also the first English town has its Icebar London. Even with the glasses you drink the cocktails are pure ice and for about 40 minutes you can enjoy this atmosphere to below zero, but without hibernation, the entry will be given a warm cape. Located in the busy and hectic Heddon Street, a visit to the famous London Icebar is worth it. Both day and night is an unforgettable experience. One more reason to search for flights to London.


We pass on to other dimensions, the Icebar Orlando is the largest ice bar in the world. Lights incredible caves, frozen and crazy music, here are all the ingredients to spend a crazy night 'Arctic'. Each visitor has 45 minutes to enjoy the frozen thrones and chairs, take part in a 'P' to the North Pole, complete with thrilling stories. Again, there will still be required to provide the heat, the gloves in a blanket. Who wants to be able to purchase the mascot or the Penguin Pizz.


Served about 45 tons of ice came directly from Sweden, to build and decorate the first Ice Bar in Asia. The bar is located all'Infinity Plaza Central Huaihai Road, and along with its 100 square meters can accommodate about 60 people at a time. Here too, the Swedish touch is missing, both in design and type of reception. I wonder if we also add a hotel of ice?