Wednesday, May 12, 2010


First it was EXTREME BARHOPPING, now we are taping for THREE SHEETS with Zane Lampry
Each episode begins with an overview of the places Zane will visit on his trip. Typically over the course of the episode, Zane will introduce different local alcoholic beverages and frequently spend some time with either a bartender or alcohol-maker to learn more about the drinks discussed. Many times when a new term or item is introduced, a note will appear on the screen to provide further information or help with pronunciation.
A number of recurring segments and gags surface in almost every episode. A voice-over feature starring "The Professor" will occasionally appear to introduce an in-depth history or description of something culturally significant, a locale, or the science behind a particular drink. Zane also often refers to his drinking buddy, a stuffed monkey named Pleepleus, who appears at random points in the show.
Wednesdays at 11 and 11:30 E/P
Zane Lamprey is three sheets to the wind as he explores the world's watering holes, hangs out with the locals and sips their favorite drinks. Our up-for-anything adventurer also samples the local food and searches for the perfect hangover cure.

Zane Lamprey
You'll see the world one drink at a time with host Zane Lamprey, who takes bar-hopping to a whole new level. Zane has starred in shows for MTV, VH1, Comedy Central and Fine Living. Now he finds himself drinking his way around the world for the Travel Channel. From Champagne, France, to Jaco, Costa Rica, Zane is determined to finish the bottle in each of the world's great drinking