Thursday, October 1, 2009


October 1, 2008 - Newsflash, Icebar Orlando opens on time! Wow, it was close, but we did it, became the first permanent bar of ice in the United States, even the entire Continent! My partners have said that if we were to try and pick a worse time to open we probably couldn't have hit it better. The economy crashed, the market tanked, unemployment is at all time high, the "r" word became a reality. Travel stopped, vacations were canceled, meetings abandoned, trade shows and conventions at record lows, and the hotels, a wasteland of empty beds.

Icebar Orlando??? We ROCKED! Well, ok, some of it was just plain rocky, but like Rocky, we learned, we leaned, we listened and we Live our Dream. Our thanks to the employees that have helped us make this the "Coolest bar in the USA" and to those who came to see and shared the fun with their friends, our Expedition Guests, You are the Coolest!
If you missed it, we are ONE YEAR OLD TODAY!!!!

So, look out for our TERRIBLE TWO'S! We're on a roll and we're going to keep our cool..

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