Saturday, March 27, 2010

The North Pole

Starting NOW!
Icebar has a great experience to share – a taste of the North Pole. OK, if you are from Minnesota or even Canada, you are still not at the North Pole!
This is the expedition for those who want to escape the ordinary, to taste and feel a new sensation, only available at ICEBAR…

WELCOME TO THE NORTH POLE! I’m your expedition guide.
Please be careful where you walk, you’re walking on water! Well, actually the NP is all water, it’s the Arctic ocean, but the top of it is frozen, so it’s an island made of ice. The ice is from 2 to 10 feet deep, but the bottom of the Arctic ocean is 13,000 meters below you!

Come on in, let me tell you the tales of the ARCTIC.. but First, have you decided which Top of the World cocktail you’d like for starters? We have the:

Chips Chilly Willy –
Yellow Snow
Arctic Breeze
And the world famous Penguin Pizz!
In a glass made of crystal pure ice – $10 and remember, refill the glass for only $5. Our glasses are completely recyclable, so we ask you leave them in the recycle container near the door. We only take pictures with us, and only leave footprints at the NP.
There is life up here, CHIP is our resident Polar Bear, the largest land animal in the Arctic, reaching up to 1300 pounds, he’s a very savvy predator. Hunted by Eskimos, I can tell you how they used to capture him without damaging the fur. They would chop a hole in the ice, line it with peas, wait until morning, and when the Polar Bear stopped to take a pea, they would kick him in the ice hole! HO HO HO, hey, that was a JOKE!.
For real, Polar bears have black skin to absorb the heat, and their fur hairs are hollow, giving them the best insulation in the world. Can you guess their weight when they are born? (1.3 lb.) They are the largest carnivore in North America and Polar bears occupy fast ice and pack ice habitats where their main pray, Ringed Seals, occur year-round. Females travel with their cubs for two to 3 years. Great endurance walkers and swimmers, these bears make seasonal migrations of between 1200 and 2500 miles across the ice and can swim 60 miles (100 km) in open water. They are fast runners, reaching speeds of 25-30 miles per hour. Females use dens throughout the winter and both males and females may construct dens for short term shelters to conserve energy when food is scarce.
Global Warming occurs in a cycle throughout history, today’s scientists have recorded lower temperatures in the Arctic and less ice, but whether this is an acceleration of the cycle is still under debate. Here at Icebar we support the Polar Foundation to help fund research and scientific analysis of ways to conserve our environment.
On the other side of the world, actually the bottom, we also fund penguin research, and this is a lifesize depiction of our adopted Magellanic Penguin whose name is Ice Ice Baby. Two chicks hatched this year, Ice has had a busy season in Chile, and we look forward to adopting the offspring when they are ready to have burrows of their own.
Hey, let’s try a quiz. The person who gets closest to the answer gets a free refill!
How far are we from the true geological North Pole????

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