Saturday, February 20, 2010


We are testing martini recipes. We need some help from our friends. Here are a few of the new recipes, let us know what you think?

GLOBAL WARMING – As the planet heats up you can keep cool with Vanilla Infused Vodka, Godiva White Chocolate and White Crème de Menthe. A Chilling Event.
ARCTIC MELTDOWN – Watch summer arrive with Orange Vodka, Lemon Lime Juice and a Freezing Splash of Blue Curacao. A celebration of cool.
Martini’s in Flight – 4 oz Tasting of Four Martini’s
#1 Top of the World Flight $20
The Classic: Traditional Sharp Piney taste of Bombay Sapphire Gin with a breath of dry vermouth and two, not three olives.
L’Orange Cosmopolitan – Tasteful twist of Grey Goose L’Orange with fresh lime juice Gran Marnier and Cranberry squeeze.
The Pink Lady: Bombay Sapphire Gin, Grenadine and Sugar (syrup) blended with Cream and a Maraschino Cherry drop.
The French: Belvedere Premium Vodka, Chambord Raspberry Liquor and a splash of Hawaiian Pineapple Juice. Lemon Twist
#2 Fruitful Flight $15
The crisp smooth taste of Pinnacle Vodka, distilled in France with infusion of purest flavors ice cold.
Appletini – Mangotini – Raspberrytini and Blueberrytini
#3 Flight of Fancy $22
Espresso ChocoTini – Dark and delicious Patron XO Espresso laced with Godiva Dark Chocolate Liquor surrounded by a dusted cocoa rim.
The Key Lime Pie: Vanilla infused vodka, the elusive Liquor 43, a jolt of fresh key lime juice with a creamy froth and graham cracker rim.
Elderflower Martini: Alpine Elderflower Liquor, with premium Vodka and a splash of lime juice, a twist of lime to bring out the flowers of spring.
Huckleberry Heaven- 44 Degrees North Huckleberry Vodka shaken vigorously with Lemon Lime juice and a twist of each.

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