Monday, July 13, 2009

Hospitality Night At Icebar Orlando

Every Monday at ICEBAR Orlando is Hospitality Employee Appreciation Night. This Monday is a special night where we have invited hundreds of hotel and tourism employees to visit ICEBAR Orlando free and see what we are all about.

Since it is by initiation, if you didn 't get one, shoot me an email to: to get on the guest list. You must be an employee of hotel or travel business, and have ID to show at the door.

We're mixing up our best beverages to give you a taste of what we can do with Vodka. I will tell you that 95% of the people who come and say "I don't like vodka" become, "Where can I get this?" in one visit.

We will also share our Ice bar with you, the cape, the gloves, the glass made of ice. You will feel what the Arctic feels like, and you won't have to go 3,812 miles to get there.

We'll tell you the story of Little Penguin wine, and why we serve that brand. It's about conservation of habitat (that's a hint). We'll show you a good time.

See you tonight.

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